Community Commitment

The roots of the group’s commitment to the community can be traced to the humble beginnings and the values and ethos espoused by Aberkali and Nurzakhanu Manji in terms of making a difference to the community and the society at large. Actualizing this has always been an important aspect; including supporting various institutions including schools and children’s homes on an informal basis, has been a practice for many years. The group has now adopted a more formal approach in terms of its participation and to the community- through its various companies. Whilst the approach has evolved, the group still remains actively involved in a variety of community development projects covering social needs ranging from health and education to children’s welfare. The contributions back to the wider community include both a voluntary commitment of time from staff and directors as well as financial contributions. Initiatives include supporting Non-profit organizations such as the Elroi Hope Center, Bomu Centres, the Rotary, through to contributing to the establishment of bus shelters, as well as supporting organizations and initiatives that address the needs of disadvantaged children including the physically and mentally challenged. In regards to contributing to society, the founders established a Trust that has provided the momentum needed to actualize the intention of making a positive difference. To this end, the Trust has focused primarily on ensuring access to medical care, education opportunities and the economic empowerment of disadvantaged families. These are considered to be important foundations to enable such families to empower themselves and seek a life of better quality. The voluntary commitment of time from staff is recognized as an important aspect and encouraged thereby enabling companies within the group to participate in specific awareness raising initiatives including World Aids Day, World Habitat Day and environmental cleanup initiatives.